The goal of Southern Havoc Basketball is to develop high character athletes and to instill strong work ethic, leadership, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, humility, hunger and maturity on and off the court. Our motto is “ALL HUSTLE, NO LUCK”. We believe we can teach young athletes to be responsible, productive individuals and future leaders of this world.

Given that our young athletes grow up in an instant gratification generation, we want to instill patience and perseverance. We want to teach our athletes that greatness is earned with hard work, commitment and dedication and to always finish what they start to  maximize their full potential.

We also want to teach our young athletes the importance of education along with the passion and humility to learn. We strive to create a culture and foundation that emphasizes education on and off the court. We want to use basketball as a tool to teach life skills.

For the young athletes and parents that want to further develop their basketball skills, we will be coaching teams in various recreation and competitive Basketball Leagues and Tournaments. After our initial assessment we will be grouping the players of like skill level so everyone can maximize the opportunity to get the best practices that will enhance their ability.

Southern Havoc will have newly created team options for elementary, junior high and high school students to develop their basketball skills.

Maurice Taylor